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How We’re Different

~We charge by final weight, so you pay for only the meat you get. Others charge by hot weight, which means your purchase includes the cost of loss from trimming, deboning and shrinkage. We’ve chosen not to charge you this way. We cover the costs of processing and pass onto you the transparency and savings of you paying for only the final meat you receive.
~We never use hormones or antibiotics on our beef cattle ~Offals, bones and organs on your bulk buys are optional ~We supplement our cows with local hill country pre&probiotic antioxidant rich pressed wine grapes after harvest ~ We are a small 6th generation family operation.

How to buy

We will arrange drop off or delivery. We currently deliver over Central Texas. Free Local Delivery. Fredericksburg area. See Delivery section below for delivery information. Inquire for Restaurant Discount.

From this page you can contact us and order. To make an order you can email us at hillcountrybeef@gmail.com text or call 830-307-4305 or on Instagram.



🥩 In May , 1/2 Wagyu angus available $7.50/lb🥩 In May , 1/2 Angus available $6.50/lb
🥩 Spring up Family Value Pack : 35 lbs of family value cuts for $280 includes approx. : 10 lbs roasts, 10 lbs ground, 10 lbs round steak, 5 lbs of ranchers choice our choice (ribs/fajita/brisket/steaks/chili or tri tip)

🥩 Tenderloin roast 2.5 lb, $49

🥩 Roasts, $7 lb

🥩 Round steak, thick cut or tenderized thin $7 lb

🥩 Ground, $6/lb

🥩 Offals: organs, oxtail $7/lb



A whole calf is $7.49 per lb final weight, and yields approximately 500-700 lbs. Our half is also $7.49/ lb and yields approximately 250-350 lbs. Final weight means you only pay for the final weight of meat you receive, its simpler and fully transparent for you on what you get and pay for . Many other ranchers charge you based on hot weight, which is the carcass hanging weight after initial butcher and inedible parts removed. The carcass then dry ages for 14-21 days and you lose water weight , bone weight and final trimming by the time its vacuum sealed, frozen and ready to consume. We have chosen to only charge you on final weight, the amount of frozen cryovaccumed beef you receive, giving you a savings over buying off of hot weight and the ease of getting only what you pay for.

Our bulk beef angus x is $7.49/lb , our wagyu angus $8.39/lb and akauishi angus is $8.89/lb .

Our ground beef is comparable to 80%lean/20%fat and falls in the choice category. Since our cows are grass fed pasture raised , wine grape supplemented and hand finished for the final 60-90 days, the meat has good marbling and flavor.

The turn around time on a whole calf or 1/2 share is as available or custom cut. A custom butchering request is 3+ weeks turnaround as we apply your custom butcher sheet to the next upcoming calf that will be processed. A $500 deposit is required for custom butchering and is refundable until butchering. After butchering it is not refundable. Depending on how you choose to custom butcher, if extensive , there is a .10 /lb addtl charge.

You can get 1/8th of a cow which is @ 40 lbs for $399. It includes cuts from both front and back halves of the cow. This is also a great way to get more of a wide sampling of cuts. This order will fit in a normal sized freezer or small chest freezer. This box includes approximately;

Tenderloin / Ribeye / New York/ and or T Bone – 2 lbs

Sirloin – 5-6 lbs

Roasts – 6- 8 lbs

Chili/Fajita/ and or Tenderized Round Cutlet – 6-8 lbs

Short or Back Ribs – 3-5 lbs

Ground – 14-16 lbs

Soup / Osso Bucco bones – 3 lbs

* you may substitute any above cut with ground or add liver / oxtail / organ meats / soup bones *

You can get a 1/16th of a calf which is @ 25 lbs for $249 It will include cuts from both halves of the cow, front and back. This is a great choice to get a variety of cuts with a minimum of freezer space. This box includes approximately;

Tenderloin Filet/ T Bone / NY Strip & or Ribeye – 2lb

Sirloin – 3 lbs

Roasts – 5 lbs

Tenderized Round/Short Ribs/Chili & or Fajita – 5 lbs

Ground – 10 lbs

* you may substitute any above cut with ground or add liver / oxtail / organ meats / soup bones *

Griller Value Box

$99, 10 lb box containing 1 lb of top cut steaks and an assortment of ground, short ribs , sirloin and/or brisket.

Value Box

$79 , 10lb box with assorted ground, round steak, chili or fajita, roast .


Beef & Local Wine Box

$100 Min Beef order + Your choice Local Wine

We are currently scheduling deliveries of our beef and local wine box. For a minimum beef order of $100 we will deliver to you by appointment. We will be happy to pick up a wine for you to include with your beef delivery. Below are the links where you can pick your wine. After confirming your beef order with us, then purchase your wine (via phone on online direct with the winery) , and we will pick it up for you and include it in your delivery. **Make sure you include the note ‘Hill Country Beef pickup’ on your purchase from the winery** Orders must be received by Thursday for delivery on Saturdays/Sundays.

Calais Winery https://www.calaiswinery.com/

French Connection Winery https://www.frenchconnectionhye.com/

William Chris Winery https://www.williamchriswines.com/

Farm to Table Box $89

The Best, Texas Wine Country Farms Have to Offer

Now offering personally curated beef and farm fresh meal box $89

Orders must be received a week in advance of desired delivery. Shorter notice orders may be accommodated per availability.

*Meal boxes curated by seasonality and locality*.

B&B Meal Kit $69

With the meal box you get 2 cuts/1lb of beef your pick , personally curated additions of farm fresh produce and food specialty items to make a beef main entree , sides, local wood fired baked bread, local honey & dessert to feed 2 up to 4 people with the recipes. All seasonings, oil, dressing, everything you need to prepare the recipes is included. All you need to provide is utensils a stove or grill. Will feed 2-4 people.
*Customize it.*
We can customize the box for you if you want to add items for furry friends, dietary considerations, other custom items. Want to add breakfast foods? Yard eggs, biscuits, jam, cinnamon rolls, mini donuts? Picnic lunch items? Perhaps another specific local food item? Local wine? Just ask and we will source it for you to customize your box. It’s all ready to throw together for your perfect B & B or outdoor meal.
Different or additional cuts may be available. Specialty desserts such as whole pies, cakes, cheesecakes and more may also be added (addtl charges apply). Free local delivery.


This kit includes everything you need to make the best hill country burgers.


Our free service area is a 30 mile radius from Hye, TX which includes Fredericksburg to Johnson City. Delivery outside of our local area is available for orders $50 or more at a per mile rate. Please inquire and we will work with you.

Monthly Meat Club

Coming soon… Want to have a monthly or bimonthly delivery of our Beef and other seasonal add ons direct to your door? With a meat club membership you are guaranteed a regular delivery of our Beef with discounts.

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