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Our History

We are a husband and wife run ranch built upon 5 generations of farming & ranching of the Schumann family. Tim is one of three sons who has carried on the agricultural heritage set forth by his family for over a hundred years. He grew up with the family dairy, crops and peaches. Family holdings spanned vast acreage on both sides of the Pedernales River until his grandfather was forced to give up much of it to imminent domain for the National Park LBJ Ranch under President LBJ. At that time the family got out of the grass fed dairy business and focused on beef cattle and small scale farming. Ever since, we have been pioneering, adapting and changing to meet current demands and best practices.

Cypress Sigman-Schumann is a first generation farmer & rancher with her own family legacies to tell (for another time). She has spent the last 23 years in agriculture and food , working mostly with farmers markets, farm to table, peach orchards, organic vegetables and culinary herbs. Married to Tim she is now by his side working the ranch and learning charcuterie.

With each generation, ranching and farming has its challenges and we are tasked to continually adapt, improve our methods and offerings on less land, and now with our generation more than ever, we strive to adopt best practices with a focus in regenerative agriculture that improves our land and even carbon farming. Our herds have always been well cared for and happy, and that is what keeps us happy. We love our animals, we love being caretakers of the land, and we love being able to offer the high quality meat that is a result.

Farming family roots run deep

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PO Box 191
Hye, TX 78635
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