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Ranchers Tim & Cypress Schumann bring you

Texas’ Tipsy Cows.

Raised in the Texas Hill Country among the wineries. We raise different breeds of beef cattle best suited to our land and terroir. It’s all in how the cows are raised. Plenty of grazing and acres to roam, fresh baled hay, TX local wine grape pulp, TX local distillers’ grains, hill country air / sun / water and soil.

Our cows are born and raised free roaming on grass, and we supplement with our dried grass (hay), wine grape pulp and spent distillers’ grains. Always hormone & antibiotic free. When its wine making season, our cows get to enjoy pressed grapes from our favorite local wineries (see which wineries on our partner’s page) and distillers grains year round. Our calves are hand finished for up to 90 days to create an optimal marbled beef.

Texas’ Tipsy Cows . Discover our beef

Check out our What’s Available page and contact us to make an order. Wagyu Angus, Akaushi Angus, Brangus, & Angus are the lineup of beef offerings. We dry age our beef for 14-21 days. While the flavor profiles vary ever so slightly between breeds, the beef flavor, texture, and tenderness remains consistently good. It’s all in how the cows are raised and cared for. Don’t just take our word for it ! Ask around and our local partners & patrons who we work closely with, found on our partners page.

We also sell hay, cattle and provide contract grow hay services.

About US

The Schumann family has been farming and ranching for generations. Tim & Cypress raise their cattle sustainably, locally, and ethically with goals of raising high quality beef and maintaining and restoring the land.